Protocol of Benefits for the readers of The Portugal News

Unique Conditions for Expatriates / Foreign Residents in Portugal

Portinsurance provides each subscriber and reader of The Portugal News with an especially designed insurance for every foreigner residing in Portugal. Portinsurance has an excellent relation between guarantees and prices.

Portinsurance is composed of professional experts in the conselling and management of insurances to protect people and goods. We evaluate needs, we give advice about the existing best products in the insurance market and we ensure complete impartiality in the choice of the ideal solution for our clients! Start Saving Today!

Home Insurance - All Risks

Complete protection for your residence with the ALL RISKS coverage. Do not forget that the goods that you have at home are only fully protected if you include the household effects option in your insurance (your golf items included). We have the ideal insurance for you! It does not exempt you from consulting the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

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Car Insurance

As your safety and your convenience are of extreme importance for us, we will do everything within our reach so that you may feel as safe as possible whenever you use your car. We have a car insurance available for you which will also offer you the best guarantees regarding Travelling Assistance (Replacement Car included).

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Health Solutions

Our Health Solutions offer you a wide range of Healthcare Providers in Portugal with the most complete and most modern curative and diagnostic services. This coverage model combines the settled assitance schemes with the compensatoy benefits /reimbursements, according to the common option chosen by the client and his/her household. We have adequate Coverages and Capitals with affordable costs regarding the needs of every foreigner living in Portugal.

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Assistance and Repatriation Insurance

This is the ideal insurance for you! It guarantess you the repatriation to the country of your residence in case of severe disease, serious accident or death.
Full efficient service (24 hours / 365 days a year)
Exclusive Portinsurance insurance

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Golf Protection

This insurance guarantees a wider protection for every Golf player.
It guarantees: Personal Liability Insurance, Insurance against Personal Accidents, Assistance for the insured person, Damage to the Golf Gear and "Hole in One".

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Personal Accident Insurance

Portinsurance has launched a Personal Accident Insurance which allows everbody who practises sports to be protected through one single and unique insurance when practising over 100 different types of sports.
This solution offers a very wide protection. It guarantees medical assistance and a civil liability coverage in case of any sports related accident in Portugal or abroad.

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Request for a BP Discount Card

For being our client we have a completely free Discount Card in BP fuel for you. In normal fuel the discount is 0,06€/per litre and 0,08€/per litre in Ultimate fuel.
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